Today I woke up at 4:02am ,my rolladens were cracked & I saw the sky light up from thunder.. About two mins later I hear a loud noise it sounded like a plane a huge plane.. It was so loud & clear that I knew that the plane was flying at an extremely low altitude.. I looked out the window to see a huge grey C-5 military plane flying.. It was going in circles & kept getting lower & lower.. I jumped in the bed and curled into a ball because I thought it was going to drop a bomb on us… for the first time in my life I felt FEAR but not for myself, fear for the world we live in today.. If we’re at a place within civilization where I would coward because of a plane flying low at 4am .. Not thinking oh maybe it’s going to crash but that it was sent here to bomb us. sometimes I feel like  death is the only joyous thing on this earth.. It’s the only way out of this madness. 




So, I love to travel and can not wait to go to The Netherlands & Belgium next week.. I wonder what all new I will see and discover… Of you have any suggestions of places I should see or go please comment below ( plans for tulip fest. & Anne Frank’s house, & coffee shop already made) But this Sunday I’m going on a wine hike in Oppenheim. I love living in Germany there’s always something to do here and discover. Tschüss




They Tell Us -BaduNicky

They Tell Us


They tell us be smart but not smarter than a man so he won’t
feel subservient
They tell us to work harder but we’ll pay you less, he needs to
provide for his family
They tell us to love our bodies but only if its visually appealing to
his eyes
They tell us to dress, but not in a way that makes him want to
violate us
They tell us to be independent but make sure he knows you’re
dependent on him
They tell us to be strong but not so strong his
masculinity feels inferior
They tell us to be loving and caring, but he wasn’t raised to
be that way
They tell us to be faithful but monogamy isn’t
natural for him

I tell them to shut the up and watch me flourish and prosper

They Tell Us -BaduNicky